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A Bit About Us

We have a unique tutoring style and approach. We have your child take an assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses. The assessment will allow us to set goals and focus on areas that need improvement! All lesson plans are personalized to meet the specific needs of the student.

A Bit About Us



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Math Tutor | Founder



I started tutoring math while attending high school. That is when I first found my passion for teaching! I have always been great at math through grade school and college levels.

I worked as an Instructional Assistant for Henrico County Public Schools for 4 years. While working for HCPS I mainly helped to teach mathematics and science at the high school level. I also worked as an Instructional Assistant Substitute for Columbus City Schools in Columbus, OH where I mainly worked in the elementary setting for 2 ½ years. I have helped many students who struggled with mathematical concepts to succeed.

  • Math has never been one of my favorite subjects. Recently it has scared the wits out of me. One day while at work, I shared with Shekinah my struggle in math and with a big ole bright smile she said ” I love math and will help you in whatever areas you need.” So I said “let’s start with arithmetic,” and she did. Not only is she my tutor, she will start tutoring my 16 year old as well.

    Authia Haden