About Us

The mission of Prosperity Math Tutoring, LLC is to offer high-quality teaching to students. We encourage and motivate students to reach their maximum potential growth.
Our vision is to not only equip children with the skills needed to succeed in math, but to enrich their lives and enhance their overall success!

About Us

Our founder noticed a great need in the community for helping students who struggle in math. Math can be intimidating and patience is a must when teaching it. The great thing about math is that there are so many avenues you can take to find the right answer. It’s just a matter of finding your comfort level and what works for you.

Our goal here at Prosperity Math Tutoring is to give students the resources they need to be confident learners and succeed!

Math Is What We Do



Monday - Friday Evenings, 6:30pm - 9pm
Saturdays, 8am - 5pm

Here at Prosperity Math Tutoring, we want to make the learning process fun. We incorporate numerous activities into our tutoring program to make sure that your child stays alert and intrigued.  

Elementary School Math


Adult Arithmetic Math